Big Data Services

Big Data Services

Use your data to stay ahead of competition and we can help you in achieving it.

Bytes Technolab Big Data solution is focused on allowing enterprises in leveraging the power of large volume of data towards gaining competitive advantage.

Data is the crucial piece of information that allow you to make informed decisions about your business but when data volume grows in size it becomes awkward to manage using the available databases management and analytical tools. A special set of technology is required to manage large volume of data that will resolve issues of sourcing, storing, searching, visualizing, and sharing of data and make it available for analysis and report generation. To manage this massive volume of information you need a robust system that is speed optimized, scalable and accurate. Bytes Technolab combines the latest technologies available like Hadoop to create data management system which will convert available raw data into usable, business ready format. We help automating the process that empowers our business clients in using information towards their benefit – data visualization, analysis and reporting.

The growing volume of data and the challenges associated with it have already become a reality for businesses and those who can leverage its potential are sure to remain ahead of the curve. Bytes Technolab with its several years of experience in offering enterprise IT solution help you cope with the growing demand for effective data management in your organization. We support several big data sources such as - adoop, Spark, Hbase, Flumes, Map Reduce, Cassandra and like. We work in close collaboration with Big Data technologists, subject matter experts, and data analysts to offer complete Big Data solution under one-roof. Our whole purpose is to transform complex form of data into compressed, intuitive, and user-friendly reports for analyzing and reporting purposes. It is aimed to achieve the dual purpose of empowering businesses with critical information and helping them gather insight on areas that needs attention as they are progressing.

As a reliable big-data analytics company Bytes Technolab offers an array of solution to promote successful integration and adoption of big-data technology within an enterprise. We have got a strong team of data analysts, developers, designers, data warehouse and architectures to deliver comprehensive and competitive solution. We pride ourselves in being consistent in delivering top-notch solution per your business requirements. We eliminate the challenges from your customer journey with

  • Professional consultation
  • Strategy building
  • Architecture design
  • Data warehousing
  • Prototype development
  • Embedding data science and analytics
  • Analysis and reporting solutions

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